Switzerland loves cash

Lisa Desjardins answers questions from the newspaper La Liberté in connection with its article on cash.

Do we need to worry about European laws?

MIFID II, EMIR, RGPD, SRD II… What to make of these European laws that influence Switzerland without really affecting it? The Swiss village One of the attractions of the Swiss financial center is its pragmatism. Financial legislation is tedious and complex, as it is everywhere. But they are nevertheless more succinct and practical than their […]

Mediation bodies: what to expect?

Since December 2020, most independent managers have been affiliated to a mediation body. But what are the consequences for them? A practice already well established in the banking world Mediation bodies are a new player in the independent asset manager landscape. However, this is nothing new for anyone: in fact, the Banking Ombudsman has been […]